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TomoTherapy® Hi-Art System

How Does the TomoTherapy HI ART System® Work?

The TomoTherapy HI ART System® is a first of its kind, providing 3-D imaging of a tumor immediately prior to treatment and delivering radiation from 360 degrees. This allows more accurate identification and treatment of cancerous tumors, and reduces exposure of healthy tissue to radiation.

Residents of Northeast Pennsylvania can access the world's most advanced cancer treatment system in two convenient locations: Northeast Radiation Oncology Center in Dunmore.

  • Before each treatment, the patient, lying on the couch, moves through the HI ART machine for a 3-D TomoImage. Images taken verify the shape, size and location of the tumor.
  • Dosage and location of delivery via the radiation beam are determined.
  • The patient then moves through the HI ART machine again where radiation is delivered in a helical pattern (360 degrees) to the tumor.
  • Each procedure takes approximately 15 minutes.

Dr. Harmar Brereton shares, We are excited to have added TomoTherapy to our Dunmore campus.“ The ability to do 3-D imaging immediately before each treatment to verify the location of a tumor increases precision. Often between treatments a patient's tumor can move, so by verifying before each treatment, the tumor can be precisely targeted. This reduces exposure of healthy tissue to radiation, and also means it can reduce the side effects for our patients.